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I'm Amanda, I have had itching with my vagina after my period, and I used pads, do I have a yeast infection? I really hope not cause I dont how to tell my mom without going up to her and saying "I have a yeast infection." How do I do this and I'm really embarrassed, and what can happen if you dont treat it? Thanks :)


hi, ive had 2 yeast infections in the past and usually theres this white creamy-ugh sometimes can be smelly cottage-cheese-like substance(discharge). i dont wish a yeast infection on anyone. its completely natural tho. aboout the itching, hopefully youve washed your vagina after your period? and if so, if you use very hot

 water and/or pressure, it can dry out the vagina skin (and normal skin) making it itchy. try washing with cold-lukewarm  water and

 also, the itching could be a reaction to many things, like fabric softener, soap or any other fragance (perfume, body cream, etc)

if you have redness, soreness or great irritation and-or burning and specially that damn cottage cheese like discharge from your vagina, you may want to consult a professional.

i remeber being very unconfortable down there and that ALSO ,a good thing, my yeast infection went away by itself:).

take care.