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For some days I have been feeling itchy down there and I had excess vaginal discharge. I went to the gyno just to see if something was wrong and I needed a regular check up anyway. The gyno diagnosed me with viginal yeast infection. I bought 1 day monistat but it is not working as the itching is still present, discharge as well. Should I get another one, or maybe 3 or 7 days treatment.


Hey! For me, 3 day monistat worked but I have been going through forums and I noticed that 7 days works for most people. SO, don’t be lazy and do your 7 day treatment, so that you can be on the safe side. Good luck!


I have the same problem the new thing is the swelling I was masterbating and it feels weird and worm down there...I was also wondering am I having signs of a yeast infection? And if I am is it normal for teenagers to have this sort of thing?


Yeast is a fungus that likes to become most active at night. I know because I previously suffered from chronic vaginal yeast/ vaginitis for years and recognize the symptoms anywhere. Let me spare you years of trouble and post my advice. Yeast, or fungus can move around anywhere down there, sometimes outward and sometimes further back towards your anus. It also doesn't always have a lot of discharge, when it does, it will be either thick and white or really watery. You may also see little white specks in the discharge and in the folds of your vagina. Some people say they have an odor like rising bread, but this doesn't happen with everyone. It all depends on how bad the yeast infection is and how your body reacts to the yeast overgrowth. All in all, yeast is nothing to really be alarmed about. Its nothing like herpes, its not even an STD, its just an annoying fungus that makes you itch, and can dampen your love life and sex drive.

Through process of elimination, what you have has to be a yeast infection or some other type of fungus like jock itch, which can be rashy, and is treated the same way yeast is because it is also a fungus. I have suffered from both, and even had a combination before. Many people don't realize that women can suffer from jock itch just like men, and can have more trouble getting rid of both because it is hard for us to stay dry down there. The fungus causing jock itch and yeast are similar and are both a real pest seemingly put on this earth only to annoy women down there. Men don't struggle with yeast like women, but be careful because they can transmit it to women. The sad thing is many gynecologists don't have the correct approach towards yeast- if they even know how to approach it at all (most just give you drugs and suggest a diet that doesn't permanently work half the time before sending you off to figure it out).

From what I've learned yeast infections can be triggered by several things. But, typically, not drinking enough water, not drying off enough down there, an allergic reaction to toilet paper, soaps, douching, baby powder, perfumes, tampons, lotions, anything that can get up there and disturb your natural ph or irritated the delicate nature of the skin down there and allow a fungus to thrive. In your case, it could be from whatever you used to remove the hair (even the soaps from the razor). But it can also be a combination of things.

Typically with yeast, the key is to stay as dry down there as you can, sleep bottomless, avoid sugar (accept skevia sweetener), and caffeine (even teas), stop with tight clothing, scented detergent and fabric softeners (use a plain unscented detergent- some people like deft which is used for babies) underwear that isn't 100% cotton, tampons, scented pads, and baths for a while. Yeast can be recurring, or just a rare unfortunate occurrence. It all depends on how great of a host your body is for yeast. Most women experience it at least once, even virgins can struggle with it. So, in addition to the above list, listen to the following advice from me, which WILL provide INSTANT RELIEF:

USE 100% TEA TREE OIL!!!!- I have tried everything, garlic, douching with probiotic yogurt, taking excellent probiotics like bio-k, taking oil of oregano, and other yeast preventative vitamins, diets, etc. You name it, I've done it. The fastest relief I have ever gotten was last night when I used 100% tea tree oil.
I am a chronic yeast infection sufferer, and haven't really found anything to knock a yeast infection out fast. I am 27, and I have done all the over the counter and prescription medications recommended by doctors. Yeast sucks, and its embarrassing esp. when you have a great, steady boyfriend who you try and hide it from. Like I said, nothing I tried above has ever really worked. In a few days or weeks, the familiar yeast tickle would return. If I was lucky, I would get a month or so of relief. I have a low immune system which makes yeast come back all the time, especially during stressful times like right now in the middle of my law exams.

Anyways, I had had yeast relief for a few months (a miracle) because I went heavy on several anti-yeast vitamins for weeks. They caused my body to have a different smell for a while, but they worked. However, after I was fully recovered from the yeast, I got lazy and stopped taking the supplements, and three nights ago I felt the familiar signs of the yeast returning. I'm not sure, but I think I read somewhere that the itch comes from spores latching onto the skin in irritated or moist areas.

Anyways, last night, I was desperate for relief, and what I did after reading a little on the internet and contemplating what to do since I'm a broke law student who can't really afford to pay for or make time for a doctor's visit is to try 100% tea tree oil. It was one of the only things I happened to have on hand at 2:00 a.m. that was stated as a treatment option. I suggest waiting until just before bed because you want to target the yeast at night when it is most active.

So, I started off by shaving down there and then showering, cleaning the area as well as I could and drying off VERY well. I shaved because hair holds in moisture, odors, and who knows what else. I wanted to eliminate that environment. To do this, you don't have to make it an extremely close shave, just make sure its not a bush down there. I showered after shaving, and used johnson and johnson's natural hypo allergenic baby wash to lather up down there and wash away any access hair from the area.

If you don't have johnson and johnson, or something similarly gentle, hypoallergenic, and unscented; then just rinse really well with water. Next, I dried off really, really well with a FRESH TOWEL!!! I even used a blow dryer on low heat down there for a little while because I wanted there to be ZERO MOISTURE for the yeast to latch onto. (I wanted to make sure I did everything I possibly could to make the treatment work before applying the oil).

Next, I got a hand held mirror, the tea tree oil, and a dropper. I sat on my bathroom floor, and propped the mirror up so I could really see what I was doing down there. I put a drop of oil on a portion of the outer area that was itching. Instant relief, and after a second, it felt good and tingly. It did NOT burn like crazy like the time I tried apple cider vinegar, witch hazel, alcohol, boric acid, some over the counter creams, and even garlic. I continued applying liberally, rubbing it into the outer skin of my vagina that was irritated, inflamed, red, and itchy. The tingle felt good, and the aroma made me feel fresh.

Then, I got my dropper and put a little more than an inch worth of the oil in it before I inserted the dropper vaginally and released the oil. I was nervous this would burn also, but it didn't it just had a slight tingle. If you don't have a dropper, you can soak a non scented tampon in the oil and insert it., or put some oil on your finger and insert it. However, if using a tampon, make sure you remove the tampon after a few hours like you normally would, and insert a fresh tea tree oil one. I personally don't like tampons at all because they hold moisture, so I used the dropper.

Anyways, any access oil on your hands, you can just rub into the rest of your skin, and even your hair because tea tree is good for hair and skin. The oil can be expensive, so try not to waste unnecessarily. After that, I washed my hands. Then, I hopped into my bed with a towel under my bottom in case the oil leaked. NO UNDERWEAR!!! In fact, I think I slept nude, with my legs open so the area could breath, and continued studying for a while before going to sleep in a position with my legs open. I was thankful my boyfriend was out of town. Things got a little intense down there; really tingly like cool air was blowing down there, but I didn't care, it was working, so I let it do its thing.

I was just glad that I was NOT feeling itchy or irritated from the yeast at all anymore internally or externally. That was all that mattered to me at the time. I was impressed with the results while studying, but after a while, I got tired and went to bed (after praying it would work of course!!!). In the morning, all of the symptoms were gone!!!! I checked on the floor with my hand held mirror, and the red irritated skin from last night was gone, and there was NO ITCH!!! INTERNALLY OR EXTERNALLY!!!

A miracle, the fastest relief EVER!!! Ladies, please try this!!! It works!!!- trust me, I've tried it ALL!!! and the best part is its 100% natural.
I am going to do it again tonight, and probably every night for the rest of the week because me and yeast are very familiar with one another, and I know it loves me as a host. One treatment sounds too good to be true, and I know it will be working hard to find a way to come back out and party down there, but the tea tree oil has given me control with all its extreme and magical natural anti-fungal properties. I have not felt any signs of the yeast all day after ONE tea tree treatment, and it is almost time for the second treatment.

As I said before, and can't stress enough, this IS the fastest, most effective treatment I have ever experienced!!! If you want to tone down the oil a bit, I suggest mixing a couple of drops of it with 100% coconut oil which is also an anti-fungal natural oil (however, it is not in any way stronger than tea tree oil). I have tried just coconut oil as a treatment, and it didn't do much of anything except relieve the itch for a few minutes.

As a reinforcement internal back up treatment, I am also going to take oil of oregano, solaray vitamin's yeast cleans which has an edible version of tea tree in it (I called and asked) because it isn't good to ingest tea tree oil, a spoon full of coconut oil, my daily women's vitamin, and zinc (about 50 milligrams) as a back up immune system boost yeast fighter for a while till I feel more confident my ph is in balance down there again. The above vitamins are a treatment in themselves, but they take a while to really get rid of the yeast. They don't work as fast as applying pure tea tree oil, but they do work. It's what I used last time before the stress of law exams caused the yeast to flare up again.

As I said before, I am such a good host for yeast since I have a weak immune system because I am border line diabetic. I have tried it ALL, even the diets, which don't work!!! no normal person can do them forever anyways because practically everything is made out of something yeast can feed off of!!! You'll starve trying to do it. Plus, its SUPER EXPENSIVE and time consuming because everything has to be organic, and you have to check the label on everything to make sure it doesn't have yeast aiding ingredients in it. You also have to always prepare all of your own meals unless you eat a plain salad without salad dressing. Anyways, as soon as you stop with the strict diet, yeast comes out of its dormant phase and falls in love with you as its host again.

So, use the tea tree oil ladies!!!!- it is the BEST, CHEAPEST, FASTEST, MOST NATURAL THING!!!- it doesn't sting, and it smells and feels kind of nice while it is treating you. Its not a big mess like monistat or anything else!!! It really is the most efficient thing that WORKS!!! I took the time to write all this when I SHOULD DEFINITELY be studying for my exam for a reason. I wanted yeast suffering women to KNOW what REALLY WORKS. So, TRUST ME, I wouldn't lie to you!!!- even though I am a future lawyer!!!

I got my info. from medical articles online, online medical source, my father who is a doctor who did research for me, and my godmother who is a holistic medicine doctor.