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I have been feeling sick to my stomach for weeks- almost three months. NOT pregnant, by the way. It's almost like a motion sickness feeling (which I get when I travel)-- all of the sudden I feel weak, a little dizzy, my stomahc feels really empty, and I get these air bubbles in my upper chest cavity. If I throw up, then I usually can't stop for hours. I've ended up in the ER three times this year, because I got so dehydrated from throwing up/not beging able to stop getting sick. I can't live like this!

I have gone to my doctor and she says I need to get a gastroscopy because otherwise "every specialist doctor will make me get a gastroscopy to rule it out"-- but I'm afraid that'll just make me feel more sick, because they sedate you during the procedure and that medicine allows makes me sick. Plus I know it's not a stomach thing-- that's not where it's starting. It's this dizzy, weak, motion sickness feeling, air bubbles in my upper chest feeling-- it all comes on suddenly... THEN the stomach feeling. What do I do??


Three months?  If you think you know more than your doctor or that a doctor doesn't have ways to work around the nausea I have to ask what med school you went to.


Get a second opinion and don't procrastinate any longer.  This could, could be very serious.  Do you want to keep rolling the dice?


I'm 59, I didn't really look forward to a colonoscopy.  But if I didn't and they found a cancerous polyp, I did not want part of my colon removed and and have to wear a **** bag on the outside of my body.  (sorry to be so gross but medical problems not confronted can potentially hurt you much worse.) 


Your issue may require nothing but a pill.  Get busy.


Good luck.