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When I take long haul flights, I dont generally suffer from bad air sickness however when I arrive at the destination I suffer terribly from nausea for days.

Does anyone have any suggestions for the best way to combat this, or suffer the same problems. Would taking ginger / air sickness remedies before flying help in anyway?

Thank you :-D



There are few tips to prevent being sick in the air and after landing. First of all the most important thing is to try to convince yourself that you are not going to be sick during the flight and after landing you will not experience nausea. If you manage to do this and if it works you will not need anything else.

If you think this is not enough there are few more tips such as avoiding big meals before the flight. This will get you sick for sure. You can always buy some over the counter medicine to prevent air sickness and some of them require a prescription so you can talk to your doctor about this. Anyhow I hope that you will get over this issue.