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Morning sickness during pregnancy is a common phenomenon which occurs as a result of the hormone beta-HCG being released in response to a fertilized egg implanting onto the inner lining of the uterus. The more hormone that is produced the better the chances are for the fertilized egg implanting adequately on the uterus which means more spells of morning sickness for the expectant mother. The degree of severity of this situation depends on the affected person and each one will react differently to nausea that is experienced.

Using natural remedies or traditional medications can help affected women get relief from morning sickness but they should inform their doctors immediately if they can't keep down any fluid or food for 24 hours or become dehydrated or steadily lose weight as these problems could be indicative of severe morning sickness.

Foods That Help Morning Sickness

  • Ginger - the use of this root in Chinese medicine is very popular and it has relaxing properties. One can use it in tea or sodas or even try lollipops laced with ginger whenever nausea comes on.
  • Smoothies - instead of eating solid food when feeling nauseous one can try drinking a smoothie. Doing so will help reduce the acidity of the stomach and normalize blood sugar levels, giving one a calm feeling.
  • Something sour - incidentally, consuming or smelling something sour can help relieve morning sickness. Sipping lemon water, sucking on sour candy, or even just smelling sour products can help in this situation.
  • Mint - eating or sniffing something containing mint can help one feel less nauseated. 
  • Simple starches - foods such as salted crackers can help settle a queasy stomach.
  • Trail Mix - A mix of nuts, fruits, and a very small amount of semi-sweet chocolate can help to satisfy one's hunger without causing any stomach discomfort.
  • Vitamin B6 - 25mg of vitamin B6 taken three times a day has been demonstrated to help reduce morning sickness symptoms in some patients.
If vomiting often, it is important to increase one's fluid intake to ten 250ml cups a day, which is two more than the recommended eight cups a day, in order to prevent dehydration.

Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness

If food options aren’t helpful then the following natural morning sickness remedies can be incorporated to help the affected woman feel less nauseous during her pregnancy. These include:

  • Exercise - a gentle walk can help release endorphins to counteract fatigue and nausea.
  • Altered eating patterns - eating small, frequent meals, and eating as soon as the affected person wake up helps.

Medicines to Help Cure Morning Sickness

Medications are a doctor's second line of defense against more severe cases of morning sickness and recommendations may include Benadryl and Unisom which are useful especially if the morning sickness starts the moment one wakes up in the morning.

In severe cases of morning sickness, certain medications may need to be prescribed. Such a medication includes Zofran, which is extremely effective, and it can be taken by the affected individual since it's easy to use and safe during pregnancy.


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