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I'm 50y.o. female. I've started getting motion sick the minute I smell diesel fuel ,and take-off, landings, and some car travel.
I've been afraid to fly after the last 3 times of being green for the duration of the trip.
some drugs make me too tired,can't function. I'm going to try twice as much GINGER and a wrist pressure band. Can you suggest some sent to inhale to not start with the smell of diesel. any other remedies?
exercices?another symptom seems to be my ears filling up.Most anti-histamines make me sick and cause a problem with my thyroid medication.


People usually experience motion sickness when there’s a conflict between the senses that are letting the brain know that you’re on the move. These senses are inner ears, eyes, skin pressure receptors, muscle and joint sensory receptors and the central nervous system. When one of these senses send the wrong information to the brain, you get motion sickness.
Knowing this, you may try solving the problem psychologically since you can’t take anti-histamines. However, if your symptoms get worse you may need to check if there’s an underlying disease of the ear, nose, throat, equilibrium, or neurological systems.
I suppose you have already seen a doc regarding this matter as you have been taking anti-histamines.

Is your stomach usually full or are you hungry when you begin experiencing the motion sickness?
It is known that motion sickness gets worse if you’re hungry or overeaten, so if you decide to go on a trip, make sure you eat lightly but do eat.
There are some things you can do to lessen or avoid motion sickness.
You should take a position where all of your senses will be satisfied and where all the senses will feel the movement. For example, if you travel by car, you should sit in the front seat where you can see the road. If you travel by the airplane, choose a spot over the wings where the motion is the least and where you can look outside.
Avoid reading or talking and looking at another people who suffer from motion sickness. Also, avoid strange odors and greasy food.
Plan the trip head, it usually makes things easier. Don’t get anxious straight away because stress causes similar symptoms as motion sickness, so you will only make things worse.

These small steps could make things better because motion sickness is said to be self-treatable disorders.
Let me know how it went with ginger capsules and acupressure band you were meaning to try.
If these things don’t work, try buying peppermint or basil products from pharmacies. Thay are also said to lessen the symptoms of motion symptoms and nausea.


My whole family has motion sickness and they use dramine. It will make you sleepy but you can cut the dose in half or in fourths, that way you can still function while on it. But this has helped the rest of my family with severe motion sickness whenever on planes, car rides, or even rollercoasters.