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So had unprotected sex, but the thing is, that my bf pulled out, cleaned constantly, and we actually finished by touching each other. I'm afraid of being pregnant because I have not gotten my period. The thing is that I was using lo estrin 24 when that happened, when the month before I was using orthro tryciclen lo. So I don't know what's going on? I took three pregnancy tests already and they were all negative. Will the change in pils affect my missed period, when I've never missed one at all. I'm concerned. And need answers. Please.


Hi krispi24,
The birth control pills may have a tendency to "disturb" you cycles (so to speak) when changed. The birth control pills should not have any effect on the pregnancy tests. I would use an alternate form of birth control with your new pill until your body becomes adjusted. I know that the docs tell you to use an alternate form of b/c when starting with your pill (new b/c starters) for a month until the pill has its best effect in your system.
Have you been on any antibiotics at all? Just to let you know, they decrease the effectiveness of the pills. You should be told by your pharmacist to use an alternate form of birth control up to and including 1 week after you have finished your dose of antibiotics. Hope this helps.
Oh, by the way, a md can perform a blood pregnancy test if you are super concerned. Also, use your first morning urine when taking the pregnancy test (from the stores), it is more potent with the HCG levels.