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Hi all,

I need some advice.

I am on the Nordette pill, and there are 21 white tablets and 7 red tablets. I have been on it for a while. Now my pack started on the 1st September, and I took the pills up to the 15th September, and then LOST the pack o.O

So I had only finished 2 rows of my pills and there are 4. That was the 15th September, then my period started on the 18th. It was supposed to start on the 25th, but then it started on the 18th and then ended on the 24th.

My husband and I had sex on the 25th, unprotected. I eventually got hold of the nurse to give me a new pack of tablets and took the next one on the 27th. Somebody advised me NOT to continue the tablets until my next period, so I'm not taking them now, and we haven't had sex since then, the 25th. and it's now the 28th.

Sorry for the LONG question, but what are the chances I could be pregnant? WHen do I start counting my cycle from, the 15th when I stopped taking my pills or the 18th when my period started? Do you ovulate straight after you come off the pill? Some told me it's very likely and some told me it's very unlikely. HELP!


Okay so what I've heard is that after stopping the pill you can bleed or have a period within 3-5 days (don't quote me on that), and that sounds like what you did. Also, after quitting the pill you could ovulate within 12 days and if you had sex about 10 days after you stopped you could very well have ovulated and gotten pregnant. Do you feel any different or anything? I mean this is all hypothetical, and it usually takes people about a year to get pregnant when they are actively trying to conceive (statistically). Also, I'd start counting from your last pack to figure out ovulation and your typical cycle length, because this one is just not accurate enough to count from. Just take a pregnancy test if you think you might be ...but i'd wait about 2-3 weeks from the 25th to make sure it catches it. Hope this helps!