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Sugar is a highly addictive food, and Americans are getting too much of it. Learn how to break your sugar habit and kick the soda to the curb.
People are naturally attracted to sugar. We crave it as human beings because it is essential to our survival. But the days starvation and long cold winters are long behind us, and sugar is mass produced and over eaten by most of the Western world.

5. Ween yourself with zero calorie drinks

If you are finding it absolutely impossible to quit your sugar fix cold turkey, try weening yourself off of your addiction with zero calorie versions. These are okay to transition with as long as you keep in mind that they are equally dangerous for health, since they are loaded with chemical sweeteners. If you are craving a pop with your pizza, go for the diet, or zero calorie version if you can't imagine having water instead. The less sugar you get, the less you'll eventually crave.

6. Avoid sugar in the morning and at night

Since sugar spikes blood sugar levels, avoid these kinds of foods first thing in the morning and before bed. Studies have shown that sugar-loaded breakfasts (sugary cereals, or pancakes with sugar) cause more unhealthy snacking throughout the day. Start your day with a nutritious, balanced breakfast and avoid sugar 2 to 3 hours before bed.

7. Eat more Protein

Protein has no sugar, and has a slow burning effect on the digestive system. Protein keeps you fuller longer, and helps to keep us from feeling hungry or from having lots of sugary cravings. Studies have also shown that people who eat high protein meals for breakfast tend to be leaner, snack less, and choose healthier snacks.

8. Eat nutritious snacks (carrots)

Many people find that snacking is often their worst food choices. Even with healthy meals, it is hard to keep your snacks healthy. If this is you; plan ahead for your snacks! Pack foods to having with you throughout the day which will hold in any temperature and are easy to eat. Carrot sticks, sliced peppers, almonds and trail mixes all have natural sugars, and lots of fiber to fill you up with pure, natural nutrition!

9. Carry a metallic water bottle with you

Steel bottles are easy on the environment, emit least toxins, and are permanent investments. Fill it with water, or water with lemon or lime and ice. Keep the bottle with you at all times. This reminds you to drink water, and saves you from purchasing water (or a soda or juice) when you are out and realize how thirsty you are. Stay hydrated with your environmentally friendly bottle, and you'll drink less sugar!

10. Switch dessert habits to healthy options

If you are a dessert person, you probably crave sugar after your meals. Choose healthy dessert options such as sugar-free, wheat-free pastries and cakes. If you bake, use apple sauce instead of sugar. You can also choose healthy and sweet fruits and top it with cottage cheese for dessert. Try pineapple or cantaloup with cottage cheese.