Okay, at my last doctor's appointment (a little over a month ago), we were discussing my birth control pills. It was my first appointment since I started (in the begininning of november) and my period never seemed to land on the blank pill week, and sometimes occured twice in one month. She said that I should skip the blank week for that month (this was in january, I had just had my period that week, and it was 2-3 days before I was supposed to start the blank pill week) To see if that made things work a little better.

Now, my last period was 3 days long and light, even for me (I don't have a very heavy flow, and my period normaly lasts around 5 days, with minor cramps the first day or two). My boyfriend and I use condoms during sex, although we have had some intercourse without condoms, he has always pulled out LONG befor ejaculation, and we have not done this for 1 1/2 to 2 months. Neither of us have any std's, or have had any other partners.

Now, I was supposed to have my period on Monday, it is now friday, and I'm extremely worried. I have had moderate to severe cramps since monday (compared to how my craps usualy are) and on tuesday/wednesday I have had a thick, brown discharge, wich has never happened before. After looking on the internet, I have found that its either a normal shedding of old blood, or I'm pregnant. I know my boyfriend and I have been using condoms religiously for the past month, but I also heard that you could still be pregnant if you have had a light period. Another theory I've had is that its just the pill screwing with my hormones since I skipped a blank week, but I can't possibly be sure. What are the chances that I am pregnant? Should I be worried? Because I'm starting to get extremely concerned.

(Also, I have not experience and significant weight loss, nor increase to my excersize routine. I have for the most part been less stressed than usual, and this event right now has had me the most stressed in months.)