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I am 25 and taking ortho tricyclen lo. I missed 2 pills in a row and my period started early. (very light bleeding) I doubled up on the pills and it has not stopped. I have currently been spotting for 2 weeks.


I started Tricyclen Lo in August after being on regular Tricyclen for about 10 years off and on (and NEVER had a problem). I missed 2 pills in a row and so I doubled up for the next two days, then I got my period almost 2 weeks early, and it lasted longer than normal. It went away for about a week, and then I got it again around the time when I was originally supposed to, and have been bleeding ever since - sometimes very light, sometimes heavier, but always something.

I'm think I'm going to tell my doctor I want to switch back to the regular Tricylen. I have just read a whole bunch of posts on here from women who have had their periods non-stop for anywhere from a few weeks to years...I hope that doesn't happen to me!