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Okay, I don't know the brand but I'm pretty sure it is a combination pill.
Either way my girlfriend just started it about 3 weeks ago. The first week she missed her 4th pill? So she took it the next day and then we waited an extra 7 days.
She usually takes her pill from 6pm-8pm... Usually 3/5 very close or at six.

She hasn't missed any days, but we had sex 3 times in one day. She orgasmed each time, but the third time she randomly bled like a deep red.
As well as she randomly has pink-brown discharge during sex sometimes and sometimes just during the day but very light.

However, she just started bleeding today bright red blood like a flow. And it's not her period.

Every time we have sex after that 2nd week it has been with nothing else. During the rest of those 2 weeks we used condoms.

She also was on the pill about 3 months ago for 3 months and never experienced all this stuff with the same brand of pills.

Is she pregnant or is this normal?
Or is it just the pills are too low dose and we should get a stronger birth control pill?

Thanks. Hopefully that was clear.


I found out that it is actually Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo. It is during the 4th week or sugar pill week.

As well as she is experiencing mildish cramps with the bleeding, and has had a slight headache.

Also to clarify. The first 2 weeks we used condoms. The third week and this fourth week we have used no extra protection and I have cummed inside her every time.