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Hey, I have been on the pill ortho tri cyclen lo for 8 months now. I have been sexually active with my boyfriend for quite a while. We used a condom almost all of the time but lately we have been using them less but he never ejaculated in me. A couple hours after I had sex with him, when I wiped myself I noticed a brownish tint so I was assuming it was dirt or something but then it's been getting slightly heavier but nothing like my period, more like after period it's brownish with a little bit of reddish pinkish in it so its like day old blood. It's been going on for a few days now and this is all occurring a week before my period is supposed to start. Is this breakthrough bleeding? Bleeding after sex? Or is there the possibility I could be pregnant? (We are not trying to have a baby!) I take my pill at 8pm everyday. I forgot or was late a few times when I first was starting out but I've gotten better at remembering to take it. I have never had breakthrough bleeding before this and I always have my period every 24 days. I do have pregnancy tests just in case so when is the best time to take it?


ok...i now have my period...could this just be breakthrough bleeding? even though ive been on the pill for 8 months?