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I stopped taking my birth control pills about 5 active pills early and 3 days later I got my period. This ended about 4 days later. I intentionally stopped taking my pills, I haven't taken them since August 21 and I started bleeding the 24th and I stopped bleeding on the 28th. Now, my next period would start in about 12 days if it starts the same time that one did. I have had unprotected sex about 13 times since my bleeding stopped, especially within this past weekend. I'm wondering if it sounds like I could very easily be pregnant and I want to know the soonest I can take a test. Thanks for the help:)


Hi Mouse,

The earliest you can test is 2, preferably 3 weeks after having sex.  

Your cycle may be "off" this month so it is difficult to say when you ovulate.  When everything is "perfect" the odds of pregnancy are about 1 in 5.

Hope it helps.