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Thank you for taking the time to read my dilemma, any advice would help. So my ex girlfriend and I were together for three years and never used contraceptive. We broke up at the beginning if may and she started dating a new guy around June. She had regular periods and her last missed period was September 18-23, somewhere around there. Anyways she was taking birth control while in her new relationship and stopped taking it on August 24th. Her boyfriend knowing that she is no longer on it goes inside of her. At this time, I am back in town and she has been trying to break up with him. So I went and got her plan b, because he wouldn't. She took it on august 26th. She was sick the following week which is normal with plan b. The following week, her energy was back and she felt better. She was no longer with this guy and on September 12th her and I had unprotected sex. She said she felt her period coming on the night we did because her breasts were swollen. 7-8 days later we find out she is pregnant. She would have gotten her period around the 18th of September. Her family wanted it to be mine and so do I, but its not looking good.


Hi Guested,

Double check your dates.  There are some problems with them.

You said she should have gotten her period around 18 September but didn't.  If so, then no, it's not looking good for you.

If you had sex on September 12 and NOT before, and she expected her period on September 18, it is VERY unlikely that you are the father.  The timing is bad for you.  She would have ovulated between about September 1 and 6, the egg is only viable for about 48 hours.

It is also VERY unlikely that a pregnancy test would be able to detect pregnancy 7-8 days later.  It usually is more like 2 weeks at the earliest, not a week.

Here are the problems:

Her last period would have started around August 21.  She wouldn't have needed the plan B then as having sex on the 24th, day 3 of her cycle she likely wouldn't ovulate until day 11 (September 1).  Sperm is only viable for about 5 days - until day 8 in this case.  No egg, no sperm=not pregnant.

When she stopped taking the birth control pills - if you mean the "active" pills, she should have had an induced period and likely just after the 24th or so...

Was she having sex with him AFTER that?  Plan B does NOT provide provide "future" protection against pregnancy. 

On the the 12th you said she felt her period coming on.  She's not likely to get pregnant during her period.

Hope it helps.







Well she did take the plan b on the 26th. There was no sexual contact after that until the 12th if September, which was with me. She stopped taking Birth control on the 22nd of August and they had sex the 24th of August. If she didn't get pregnant from our encounter, then the plan b didn't work. Which I feel like the chances of that happening are slimmer then me getting her pregnant.


When exactly did her LAST period start? Not the one she missed, her LAST. It should have been near Aug 21, based on a 28 day cycle. Was it NORMAL?

Normally she would have had a withdrawal bleed shortly AFTER she stopped taking birth control. The ECP could have delayed that but it can also cause a withdrawal bleed.

She shouldn't have needed the ECP on the 26th. It's was early for her to conceive.

If she expected her period Sept 18, then it is almost impossible that you, having sex on the 12th, are the father. The egg would not be viable from about September 8 onwards.

The dates are not working out.

You'll need a DNA test to determine paternity.