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After 2 years of trying and consulting with my RE, I finally found out that I was pregnant last week, based on my calculations around 4-5 weeks along. My husband and I spent the most exciting weekend...
When I found out, my MD put me on prometrium, because the progesterone levels were the next blood test they were fine.
Went back for beta HCG tests 3 days after positive PT and the HCG levels were not doubling like they should. Went back two days later and they had declined and now, a week later they are almost back to 0. So, this was not a viable pregnancy.
I have cried my eyes out and that helps a lot, but there are still so many unknowns....
I am 36, and of course my fear is, if it has taken me 2 years to ever get pregnant, what are my chances that I will be successful before I am too old?
I had an HSG done a while back, and it was inconclusive, 1 side appeared to be blocked, but my MD was not convinced that this would truly be an issue. I am wondering, is there a relationship between that finding and my m/c, did I have an ectopic pregnancy?
and what do I do to avoid it in the future?
Its been several days since I found out that I m/c`d, but there is no sign of bleeding or cramping or anything. How long do I have to live in this uncertainty? I just want to get closure and move on! and try to get pregnant as soon as possible. Anybody know how long it will take, before I start bleeding and does the prometrium delay this? (of course I stopped taking it when I got the bad news).


Hi Honey! 1st of all a BIG hug! 2nd has your doctor ordered an ultrasound for you? I would REALLY like one to be done! Not to get your hopes up, but I have had 2 other ladies on here, that their HCG levels went down, then all of a sudden wetn back up! At 4/5 weeks IF you had a miscarriage you would have had a red jelly like discharge! Start taking prenatal vitamins, they not only help the baby IF you are pregnant, but have proven to dramatically increase YOUR fertility! Try to have sex as much as possible, because just recently there has been reports that the more sex a man has the more healthier his sperm is - where the opposite used to be the norm! Also you can ovulate at different times every month, so if you have as much sex as possible then you wont miss an opportunity! Keep your buttocks elevated "After" and stay like that as long as possible - preferably throoughout the evening! So you have a blocked tube, have they ever found an ovarian cyst? If so Metphormine and Clomid have been shown to REALLY help with conceiving!

What we need to do is REALLY find out if you have actually miscarriaed or if the fetus is still viable! Please let me know how you make out OK? And just know that sometimes it just takes ALL the planets lined up together BUT it will happen! Also know that IF you indeed did have a miscarriage, this does NOT mean that you will have another one! Many specialists state that most women have had early miscarriages and just thought it was a wonky or heavy period! It takes a MIRACLE really - when you think about what the sperm and egg go through and have to endure! ESPECIALLY The sperm! And to think that they endured TERRIBLE ellements, then succeeded with a 10 fingered 10 toes beauty! It is TRULY a miracle! And I wish your own miracle soon! Please keep me updated OK?