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Who is more liklely the dad? My lmp was the 14th I am 10 weeks today I had sex with guy 1 on the 18th same day my period was starting to end but still had bleeding had sex with guy 2 the 22nd the 24th the 25th and the 26th my conception date was around the 28th I know it can be either and have to wait for DNA test but just trying to see who you think is more likely


Hi Katt,

Guy #2, close to 100% certainty.

You'd normally ovulate between days 11-15 of your cycle.  With a period starting on November 14th you'd be expected to ovulate some time between the 25th and 30th. 

Sperm is viable for up to about 5 days max, so Guy #1's sperm wouldn't be viable when you ovulated.

The 10 weeks is based on your LMP.  That's how most doctors base how far along you are.  Your due date is August 21.

Hope it helps.