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On October 9th I posted that I had had unprotected sex the Saturday before my post (October 6th), that my cycle is 30 days long and that the sex was on as my most feritle day of my cycle according to more then one chart. My previous post is here: I took a pregnancy test (I got it at Dollarama, mind you) last Tuesday, Five days before my expected period, and it was negavite. I have had a pain in my upper chest off and on that as been feeling like either mild heartburn or throbbing (sore) pain in my breasts.

It is now October 22nd, and my period is 2-3 days late. (I usually get in early in the morning) What are my odds of being pregnant? Should I be considered?


Hi Miss,

You had sex on the 6th and tested on the 16th?  It was too early to test.  You need to wait at least 2 weeks, preferably 3, before testing.

If you were ovulating/just about to ovulate when you had sex the odds are about 1 chance in 5.  That's as good as they get.

Take another test and use ONLY your very first morning urine.  It is more concentrated so more likely to give you an accurate result.

Good luck.