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Last year I started off at 133, I am 5'7 I workout 5 times a week and eat very healthy. I am very serious about having a fit body, I then started to take prozac and it really helped with my anxiety. At first I did not notice my gradual weight gain but a year later I am now 162 lbs which is the highest weight I have ever been in my entire life! I have literally tried everythign to lose even a single pound and I just keep on gaining weight. I know how my body works and this is not normal for me. My doctor seems reluctant to blame my weight gain on the prozac however after reading so many testimonials I honestly think my weight gain is due to the prozac. I went to the doctor today and she told me I could stop taking it cold turkey.... I thought you were suppossed to ween off but she said you will taper off yourself. Has anyone else had similar experiences? Some people said after a while the prozac weight literally fell off while others said they can still now lose a pound? How long until you began to lose weight? This is a very frustrating situation and the weight gain has increased my anxiety x 100.


You should check out this thread of people's helped me.