I have observed that any time I take piriton or any drug that contains anti-histamines I suffer partial blindness or some number are not well registered in my brain. I think the fact that histamines are blocked from production the same areas they are produced tends to affect the optical nerve operations. I think it necessary to investigated from medical point of view. Some members of community may have suffered early blindness due to induction by "piriton" related drugs.

Any drug that suppresses high oxygen blood flow into the brain,( lowering metabolism and sleep) causes limited supply of blood on the retina hence causing partial blindness.Sleeping pills are likely to damage the arteries and veins that constantly supply fresh blood to the eyes and the brain in order to keep awake. My concern is are we careful in providing the dangers and long term effects when we take medical drugs. If cigarettes were classified as chemical/herbal drug,  we know its long term effect is to destroy the heart, the lungs , the legs and the whole body becomes a victim as it causes cancer (PAD) of the arteries and every smoke is sick person waiting to suffer a premature death..The negative effects of cigarette smoking shows after 10-35 years for healthy eating  persons, such that many victims do not realize immediately other that high blood pressure and addiction effects that are almost immediate.

 I am requesting the medics to find out for us the side effects on the PIRITON drug. I am not challenging its potency as an anti-allergy no, but long term effects???