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I'm sorry for the lengthy post! I am just so paranoid!Hello, I am an 18-year-old female and this past Sunday, I lost my virginity to my boyfriend, and of course it was strange and I was expecting some sort of pain, which I experienced, but the days following are what have been scaring me, and please tell me if I'm just being paranoid. We had protected sex, and he did not even ejaculate (it wasn't even the pull-out method, he just didn't get to that point), but he was being a bit rough with me. It was not the ideal "first time", haha.The Saturday prior to this, he at one point put himself inside me without any protection, briefly around 15 seconds, and pulled out, because I asked him to put a condom on.Now, ever since the weekend, I've experienced terrible lower abdominal cramping and a really tense, bloated feeling and appearance of my lower tummy. I have been looking everywhere, and I've found topics and read articles on such a thing, that is it normal to experience these things after sex, but I would have thought it would have gone away by now. My lower abdomen feels abnormally tense and I feel uncomfortably bloated now. In addition, I have an umbilical hernea and I am wondering if it's my hernea or my actual uterus? Can someone please help me? Has this happened to anyone else?


You are worrying unnecessarily. Wait for your next monthly period. If happens normally nothing to be worried. 

If the period doesn't come it is better to go and see a Good Lady GYN and and follow her advice in the matter.