Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you have experienced these symptoms. By the way I'm a 22 year old male, normal weight, exercize often, etc. A couple weeks ago i started to get constipation...I drank vegetable juice and ate veggies, as well as going on a run to get it moving, and I got some out the next day but it wasn't as much as I thought I had in me. I had a big meal one night that week and went to bed uncomfortably stuffed and bloated, even when I woke up...I had a vowel movement that next day, diarrhea esque, but over the rest of the week I was still having irregular bowel movements (not going as often and when I did, it was very soft, verging on diarrhea). It got better and I started feeling better last week for a few days, but then it picked up again. Basically I'm very often hearing noises and feeling movement in my stomach, and when I go to the bathroom it is irregular amounts...also I have noticed mucous in my stool a few times. Also, when I push to have a bowel movement it feels odd...like the muscles are weak or something? I feel myself pushing from further inside, but not as external as it normally feels if that makes sense (that could be from one instance 2 weeks ago where I was pushing extra hard). After a meal, I will feel bloated and my stomach will be noticeably bigger/sticking out. I also am burping more often. I'm not having symptoms outside of the stomach/bowel ones...no fever or vomiting or anything. No abdominal pain either. But I have anxiety and I'm already getting paranoid about what this could be, my mind is going to the worst possible scenario and fearing the worst, etc. I'm hopefully going to a doc in the next few weeks but I wanted to see if any of you people have experienced this stuff?