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I have been dealing with this problem since I was a child. Sometime I get the sharp pain when I lift up something heavy or stretch in a weird motion but sometimes it just happens for no reason. The only way to describe the pain is like someone stabbing a thin knife directly through my belly button. The only thing I do to make it feel better is hunch over and eventually make it to a bed. Then when I have to pee the pain becomes even worse with every drop that comes out. It feels like I am peeing out poison. I went to doctors and they told me I have an ambilical hernea and next time it happens they have to get a picture of it(by going to the ER) and then eventually get laparoscopic surgery to repair it. Trust me guys, I understand your pain


An umbilical hernia occurs when something like intestine pushes through a weak spot in the muscle tissue near the navel.  Fat and fluid may also potentially push through a weak area near the belly button.  This, in turn, produces a bulge in the area.  It will need surgical intervention if it is causing great pain or the intestinal tissue or fat is strangulated and begins to die, causing great pain in the person who has it.  I don't know if the hernia would be affecting your painful urination, however. That sounds like urinary tract infection.  You should be checked for that as well.