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I lost my virginity two days ago, and yes we did use protection. (He used a condom). But I am not completely sure if it actually stayed on, I am really paranoid about this. When he was about to pull out (he came), I felt something sticky inside me, and I don't know if it was his cum or the condom's doing. He assured me that it stayed on the whole time, it didn't break or slipped or anything. So I am hoping nothing got inside of me? On another note, I am not even sure if I did lose my virginity, since I didn't even bleed afterwards, however, I did felt a cramp in my stomach the next day when I woke up. =[

Please help ASAP. I am considering to go to the clinic for some morning after pills, or birth control or something.


women don't always bleed after losing their virginity. i didn't. it depends on what kind of lifestyle you had, like riding bikes, or horses or things like that. so, no you are not still a virgin. that sticky stuff could have been the lubricant on the condom, and the lubricant that your body produces. if he was still wearing a condom, i don't think you have anything to worry about. and if you are pregnant, you won't have any symptoms for at least two weeks. and don't worry so much about it, because that can cause you to miss your period. so, just don't worry so much.