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So I love my virginity on the 9th of november, we used protection and he says theres no chance of anything happening. but i was supposed to get my period on 11/22 and i still haven't gotten it... its 12/3 and i'm really worried.


You can get a pregnancy test at the pharmacy that will tell you if you are pregnant. Use your first-morning urine.

Unfortunately, when you had sex, it was around your ovulation --if I did the math right.
Condoms are not 100%, make sure to add some spermicide and if you want to be really sure, take a birthcontrol pill (as well as condoms)

Good luck


It was that same way for me.

(that would be the reason i am on these message boards)
To try and find an answer of some sort.

I'm afraid.
We used protection and everything.
It didn't break or anything.

It happened last monday.
I'm supposed to of had my period start a couple days ago.
But the thing is, i had two last month which is really weird.
I get all the symptoms i normally get.
My face has been breaking out like it usually does,
I have been feeling bloated, a lose of appetite.
Am i just not waiting long enough to know for sure?

Can someone help me too?


this same thing happened to me.
and i'm wondering what to do also.

Last monday is when i lost my virginity.
i'm late on my period. but i heard after the first time, it can make it
a little off.
we used a condom.
it didn't break or anything.
but this being late still scares me.

i'm getting all my normal symptoms of starting my period.
but it all still feels a little off.
i had two periods last month.
one around the 11th and then the second on the VERY last week and into this month..
so would that be the one that counted for this month?

I don't know what to do.


Were you girls pregnant? Cause im in the same situation...



I've been worried about this too, my boyfriend assures me I'm not however. I had my period the next day too. We used a condom but he just went inside enough to just stretch my hymen but the pain had made me cry so he stopped. I was supposed to get my period the 1/18 but I still haven't gotten it. He tells me because I'm stressing out over college and everything right now. So stressing about being pregnant actually makes you late. I'm just waiting now


what end up happening? cause i am in the same situation...


I'm scared that i might also be pregnent but i checked the condom by putting water and sqeeuzing it to see if any holes where in it but nothing came out and yet i havent started my period im like stressing and worrying bout this alot please help


im the same, had sex on the 9th of march and had my period the day after at the normal time and all that, but im wirried cuz i didnt get it