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I had sex a little over a month ago. I am 17 and I'm kindof scared I could be pregnant. I have had nausea for about two weeks straight an feeling very weak and sleepy. I've also noticed that I've had to use the bathroom more. I have been on the pill for over a year and my "period" was a litle lighter but not by much this past time. I have also missed some days in taking the pill and I even had a light spotting on day and a really bad cramp in my lower left side of my "stomach". Is there any way I could be pregnant?


I too have been on the pill for the past year, earlier this summer my fiance and I decided we wanted to start trying to have a baby, at the time I didn't stop taking the pill. Earlier this month we went out of town and I forgot my pills, we had sex everyday the week after my period while out of town. I had all the symptoms that I was pregnant even though I knew it was too soon to tell. I was peeing alot. My breast felt heavy and full. I felt bloated. And I gain 10lbs in one week. I took a test knowing that there was a possibility it was still too soon. It was a 3-minute test but the positive didn't show up till a half hour later. I figured I had done something wrong so I took a second one, immediately it said negative. My fiance and I were still hoping that we were pregnant. Then a few days ago I got my period, which was a week and a half early. It was abnormally heavy but only lasted 3 days which isn't normal. I told my fiance and he told me that it could have been the fact that I had just lost my virginity when we first started trying and that my periods were going to be off a bit. I'm a bit worried since none of the symptoms have gone and now i'm starting to feel tired alot. Is there a possibility I'm still pregnant, I'm too scared to take another test and be disappointed if its negative; or could it be something else?

As for you Guest101, if you miss alot of days for whatever reason, and you had sex during those missed days, there is a possibility that you are indeed pregnant. The best bet is to talk to your doctor.