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We all know that junk food doesn’t do us much good and while you want to avoid it as much as possible, the odd indulgence won’t do you much harm. Unless you’re one of these poor people that is.

Talk to any nutritionist, dietitian, trainer, or anyone with their head screwed on when it comes to health and nutrition, and you’ll get a pretty comprehensive view that junk food is not good. Period.

But if it only makes up the odd few percent of your diet, it’s unlikely you’re really going to see any adverse effects.

Reader be warned however, what you’re about to digest may shock you, and put you off junk food for life.

Direct Junk Food Deaths

Natasha Harris – Coke

After drinking two gallons of coke every day for two years straight, Natasha Harris sadly met her end from a heart attack in 2010. This coke consumption totalled a whopping two pounds of coke and one gram of pure caffeine every day. Such a huge consumption like this can easily lead to arrhythmia, an enlarged liver and fat deposits in the arteries, eventually leading to a blood flow blockage to the heart.

Adam Deeley – Cup Cakes

This was an eating contest that went horribly wrong. In 2008, Welsh student Adam Deeley joined a cup cake eating contest in a bar. In his efforts to claim the prize, he stuffed his mouth with so many of the little treats that he choked and suffered a fatal heart attack.

Scott Martins – Carbs

Maybe Dr. Atkins was right – carbs are the dietary devil.

Since childhood, Martins ate a diet obscenely high in carbohydrates – beans on toast, candy bars, chips and fries were staples. Vegetables, lean meats and healthy fats certainly weren't. 20 years of this led Martins to develop hepatitis. His blood couldn't clot properly, and he died as a result of excessive blood loss through his gums during a dental procedure.

Unnamed Teen – Pancakes

A 19 year old couldn't get enough of pancakes, even when he thought they tasted slightly funny. It turned out the pancakes in question were over two years past their expiration date, had gone moldy, and the teen suffered an allergic reaction, meaning his lungs and larynx filled with mucus.

Noah Akers – Hot Dog

Noah suffered from diabetes and childhood obesity, but these didn’t kill him directly. He died as a result of choking on a hot dog in an eating competition, which had the prize of a candy bar

Whether or not these deaths were in fact directly caused by junk food is up for debate, as there could also have been numerous underlying causes playing a part. What is certain however, is that junk food played a role in all these tragedies.

Slightly less bizarre is the complete truth that a high consumption of junk food does play a significant part in many cases of obesity, diabetes, stroke and heart disease. These deaths may not have the strangeness factor attached, but they’re still just as traumatizing.

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