Hello I got a lump on the shaft about a month ago about 3/4 way up my shaft, At first it felt like a bit of cartilage (I have a little lump of it behind my ear since i was i baby) It didn't really bother my much, just recently it has swollen up and formed a bit of a white head like its a ingrown hair (I shave fairly regularly) So I tried to pop it with a needle and pluck the hair and get rid of the pus, it swelled up and i started put Bepanthen Antiseptic with a band aid on it and now has reduced in size quite a bit for the past 2 days and i'm getting scared that its not going to go away. What do yous think I should do? Isn't a STD. Only thing I can think it could be is a ingrown hair or something like that. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks :)

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