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I have red bumps and it don't know exactly what they are. They are slightly hard and very red. They seem to have little black spot in the middle and also appeared after I shaved. They aren't itchy or any sort of that. I don't know exactly what they are. These I think are the biggest ive gotten. Does anyone know what they COULD be. If so, is there any treatment that will get rid of them asap?

Sorry if it's not permitted, but if it helps, I'll do anything. I'm really scared as they appear almost every time I shave. (I grow pubic hair very quickly, so I shave frequently as I like to keep nice and clean.)

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Hi Zixx,

I won't look at your pictures and expect the link will be removed shortly.

Folliculitis is a common problem from shaving.  It is a bacterial infection of the hair follicle and can lead to red and hard bumps.  The spot is common too.

Always use a new blade to shave.

An even better solution is NOT to shave.  Pubic hair serves several functions.  It serves to protect the skin and can reduce bacteria.

Hope it helps.