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I have a very strange problem that makes me quite uneasy and worried.. I have a lump on the shaft of my penis, it is located on the outside of the foreskin, luckily not under or on the head of the penis.

It is pretty small, maybe the size of a pea. The lump seems to be a bit hard and is mostly red but a bit purple in color. I tried to stick a needle in the lump to see if it it had any liquid in it, but all that came out was a bit of blood, it was after I did this that it turned a little purple.

Touching the lump does not hurt, the only annoyance with it is that it is very emberassing, it shows very clearly and I can't really be with anyone as long as I have this thing on my penis.

I have not had sex for a few months, so I don't think it could be related to any STDs.

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anyone?? please help me