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I was wondering, is it true Lymphoma is more common in women? if so, what is the genetic reason behind it?


Lymphoma can develop in people at all ages, including children, although the peak onset is between ages 45 and 60. In general, the incidence of NHL is 50% higher in men than in women, and this higher rate has been observed in many countries. Nevertheless, recent reports suggest that the rate is leveling off or even declining in men, but is increasing in women, particularly African American women. Overall, the risk is slightly higher in Caucasians than in African Americans.

It should be noted that risks for NHL among men vs. women and among African Americans vs. Caucasians may vary by lymphoma subtype, according to a major 2000 study. For example, follicular lymphomas were significantly higher in Caucasians than in African Americans and there was little gender difference. High-grade lymphomas were the most rapidly increasing type, particularly among men, with follicular lymphomas increasing most rapidly in African American men.

Other studies have also reported ethnic differences by specific lymphoma subtypes. For example, follicular lymphomas constitute 20% of all NHLs in Western nations but are very uncommon in Asia and in developing countries.