I have a few questions,

I had an abortion Saturday the 9th, after finding out I was pregnant when I went to re-new my birthcontrol. I was  2 days over 8 weeks. I felt abortion was obiouvsly the best because I'm still young & just knew with my financial state and everything that I couldn't afford a baby, plus I'm just not ready to give up my life yet. Anyways, I felt great Sunday, I was happy and didn't feel sick at all, Monday was the same way i felt perfect i had slight cramping but other than that no blood, no nasuea (well at least it wasnt so bad I was gagging). My boyfriend and I had sex Monday night, (extremely stupid of me) But after a few drinks it kinda just happend. Anyways, I woke up Tuesday with some cramps but they went away. But I feel extremely nasaues again. I just don't feel normal like I did. And i guess my question is, when will the nasues go away? I just can't stand it. I feel like I'm pregnant still but I know I'm not. I just need answers I guess!