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I know several of you weight train 2-3 times/week and get some cycling or spinning in in addition to your standard running week. I'm trying to incorporate strength training in again (I've taken a little time away from the weights.... ) but I'm having a little trouble fitting this into my seemingly already packed schedule. I just wanted to see how some of you handle this.



The entire thing of just the weights part?


The whole thing if you don't mind, I want to see how everyone squeezes weights around long runs, etc.


Monday ::
  • AM : Recovery Run
  • Noon : Intervals
  • PM : lift
Tuesday ::
  • AM : 1 hr. trainer
  • Noon : Tempo Run
  • PM : Swim
Wednesday ::
  • AM : Lift
  • Noon: Recovery Run
  • PM : Recovery Run (?)
Thursday ::
  • AM : 1 hr. trainer
  • Noon : Fartlek Run
  • PM : Swim
Friday ::
  • AM : lift
  • Noon : Ride outside
  • PM : Swim
Saturday ::
  • AM : long run
  • PM : ride outside
Sunday ::
  • AM : Recovery Run (?)
  • PM : Long Ride


Currently on a self-impossed running break for stress fractures (most likely). so my current schedule is:

Mon AM Swim PM Karate
Tue AM Bike PM Weights
Wed AM Swim PM Karate
Thu AM Bike PM Weights
Fri AM Swim PM Weights (make up if missed during week)
SAT Bike outdoors if possible/Weights depending on weather
SUN Bike outdoors if possible/Weights depending on weather

Of course weekend schedules can change at any time to meet family schedules. How am I supposed to turn pro if they keep cutting into my training ;)


run 4-5 days a week- plan on at least 5 a day
differing times depending on shifts
a little stretching and not much else
no time


Trying to get back to running 4 days a week (eventually I want to be back on my old schedule of 6 days one rest day, but I am slowly coming back).
saturday morning - ice hockey
tuesday night - floor hockey
when I can fit it in - weight training


Once I get cleared to hit the roads and the bench again:

M(W)F am: Run
T/R am: Bike Ride

TR evening: Weights
Saturday morning: Weights

Wednesday is an optional day for a run, depend on how I feel, may move one of my evening lifts to that morning in lieu of a run


Run: Monday through Saturday
Bike and Swim: Tuesday and Thursday
Lift: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
But I'm fortunate to have a flexible schedule centered around physical fitness.


Monday: 3-3.5 mile run, approx. 45 mins weights for arms chest
Tuesday: 6-7 mile run, abs and shoulders
Wed: see monday
Thurs: see tuesday
Fri: see monday again although sometimes I'll substitute speedwork in for the running part
Sat.: off day
Sun.: lately been off days but I'll get back to sunday being long run day soon. 7-8 miles at first, hopefully 10+ by march.

also sometimes throw crunches in between sets on the flat bench on mwf


HolyMoly! I get tired just reading your workout! :P


I am trying to rework my schedule as well, but right before I got benched, when I was training at my fullest, this was my optimal and most of the time what I followed:

Monday lunch: 5-6 mi run
PM: 1 hour power yoga

Tuesday PM: swim, lift (total body w/o)

Wednesday lunch: 5-6 mi run
PM: PM Yoga (about a 20 min tape)

Thursday PM: swim/lift (tb again)

Friday: 5-6 mi at lunch

Saturday: long swim, 1600M-2400M & lift
OR: brick workout: 20-25 mi bike followed by 6 mi run

Sunday: long run, 10 or more, depending on training
late afternoon: long swim & weights if I did the brick Saturday

Since I am selling my road bike, the bricks are a thing of the past, unless I decide to buy a cheap hybrid just for fun. Which I might, if I don't see enough improvement with the swimming and lifting. But I really don't like cycling.


Monday: Weights
1 1/2 Hour Spin Class
Tues: Swim 2000 yds. Easy
10 mile Run
Wed: Weights
5 Mile Run
Thurs: 1-2 Hour Easy Bike
Swim 2500 yds
Fri: Weights
10 Mile Pace Run (8:00)
Sat: 20 mile long run 8:50-9:00 Pace
Sun Bike 2-3 Hours (Mountain or Road)
Swim 3000 yds. Every other Week
I'm currently training for MB marathon so every other week my run mileage goes to 6 - 5 - 6 - 12.


I run Monday through Friday at lunch.

I am now starting to try lifting weights Monday, Wednesday and Friday before work
and then hit the either the rowing machine or stationary bike on Tuesday and Thursday before work.


Monday: Easy run; Strength Training

Tuesday: 800 meter repeats

Wednesday: Recovery Run; Strength Training

Thursday: Tempo or pace run (Speed day)

Friday: Rest Day for running; Strength Training

Saturday: Long run

Sunday: Rest Day

Strength training doesn't result in a scheduling problem for me. We have a complete gym at our police training center and I do my strength training on my lunch hour which is from 4 am to 5 am :D