I am going through some anxiety at the moment and waiting till next week seems long but know it will be the confirmer, that being the week I think I should have my next period!
I have not been on contraceptives for about 5 months and my 1st day of my last period was 12 October, had unprotected sex 18 Oct,panicked and took EC on the 19th.
I then started on Nordett on the 19th Oct which was (2) days after my period had ended. Had no intercourse the week of 19th until 25th Oct again, but in the time between Sun 19th and the 25th I stopped taking the pill 5 days into it (22 Oct) last pill I took, so this was within the first 7 days. We were repeatedly unprotected (after 2 missed) and my bf did cum many times. I have now missed 6 pills to date-today on day 7 i started with brown bleed,so not sure if it's withdrawal or period as i am only due end next week. I will be happy if i am pregnant being the reason why I stopped the pill mid-way (5 days after starting). I would just like to know what are my chances of conception seeing I think I have confused my body with EC and pill and should withdrawal bleed occur after 3 missed or this would have not happened as I had only taken 5 active pills.