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I started taking BC pill Sunday, November 21st after being off for almost a year. My last period had started around Monday the 15th so I waited til sunday 21 to start the bc. Sometime that week (Tues-Fri) my bf and I began having unprotected sex and have been pretty consistently. Sometime around the Saturday 27th I missed two pills. I made the mistake of doubling up one morning, and instead of doubling up again the next morn, I took that days pill as well, that evening (totaling 3 pills in 24 hours) then continued as normal. I usually take them around noon, but there have been some days I haven't taken them until 6 or 7pm. Today is Thursday December 9th and I woke up EXTREMELY moody and emotional, with cramps and body aches all over. I am in week three of the pack and stil have tomorrow and Saturdays pill to take, before my "off" week. I went to the restroom and when I wiped there was a little blood mixed with discharge (I have had alot of discharge almost everyday, though). The discharge only lasted for about an hour or two and only when I wiped. My question, of course, is could I be pregnant? when can I test? Or what is actually going on with me?

(Also, last month for the Nov 15th period before I started bc. the condom had broke 1-2 times that month and my period was VERY unnormal, as well as a little late. A part of me thought it could have been a chemical pregnancy or miscarriage).


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the bleeding you are having now could just be breakthrough bleeding from restarting your birth control but I would wait untill you are supposed to start your off week and take a home pregnancy test just to be 100% sure