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My Boyfriend and I had sex on the 14th of june 2010 we forgot to use a condom so he pulled out within 30 secs.. i took the mrning after pill within an hour, after a day or 2 i felt abdominal pain, i went clinic and they told me it was fine and after a while it went away.. on the 22nd june i felt cramps like period pain and found brown discharge after that i have been spotting, i had brown discharge once again on the 24th and den a lil bit more on the 26th? The brown discharge becomes light and den dark again especially when i have a showa..whats causing this ? and would i be on time? coz im due on the 4th july.. i cnt go docs coz dey logg all the details on the comp. so i wont b able to tke my parents to my appointments if i ever had 2.. so whats going on with my body whats causing this brown discharge and coz of this spotting and discharge what are the chances i will b on time? please shed sum light on this!


For all those that went through similar symptoms I'd like to say that i started my period a week after spotting on the 29th June, it was heavier so im hoping this time my period will b normal, i didnt do a preg test.. hind sight i think i should have however, I hope for the best neways i thought Id post a reply to this post because it is a scary thing to go too..!

good luck!