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hi im 25 yrs old, my last period was dec 22-28 2005 and had no sex since a year ago, not until the month of febraury until march. I missed my period since january until march (for 3 months now). My bf and i have sex from first week of feb. to first week of march it only happens once a week coz we only see each other during weekends due to distant work. sometimes he uses condom sometimes he just withdraw. I got a spotting or dark brown discharge last april 1st. The next morning i check on a pregnancy test and the result is negative so i tried it on again the next day and the result is the same. Yesterday (april 5) i have a light brown discharge and lasted only a day. Am i pregnant? i followed the direction of my prenancy test correctly but i still got negative results and i should have got my period. I hadnt check with my OB yet, but can you tell me whats wrong or if I had the sign of being pregnant?


The spotting may be a sign of implantation but not necessarily. If the spotting that happened for the first time was implantation bleeding (when fertilized egg implants into the uterine lining), the pregnancy test would still not be able to detect the pregnancy on that day.
It is true that placenta starts making hcg hormones as soon as the egg implants into the uterine lining but pregnancy is not diagnosable at least 6 days after. However, the test is advised to be taken after the day your period hasn’t arrived. If your period’s are irregular, then it should be taken two weeks after unprotected intercourse or 7 days after what was thought to be implantation spotting.

The spotting you experienced may have not been implantation bleeding since you experienced it again after a few days. It could be an indication of your period for example, or completely something different.

Have you seen a doc after posting this? Are you trying to get pregnant? Maybe you should talk to your gyn about the reasons of missing periods!