I was on Loestra, the pill, for a few months, which made me really moody, so i quit, a few months later, i started on the Nuva Ring, and after about 6 months, I started getting really bad depression, anxiety, and panic attacks, which i never have had in my life up until i started being on the ring. After I quit that, a few months later i felt back to normal, and the things that gave me panic attacks while on the ring no longer gave me panic attacks, i was back to normal. I started taking Yaz, the pill, hoping that that one would be better. That gave me depression, anxiety and panic attacks too. I quit just over a month ago, but i was taking the pill for about three months. I had a panic attack today, how long does it take for the birth control to completely flush out of my system? and also, is that normal to get anxiety or other things such as that when on birth control, because of all the hormone imbalances and such? I am really worried, panic attacks are NOOOO fun :-( I am really hoping that my anxiety will go away as soon as the fake hormones are gone.