I am 17 years old and have been on the depo shot for 2 years. When I first got my shot I was 145 pounds I now am 200 pounds but I am very tall so it doesn't look like I am. I am very upset with my weight. I was due for my next shot on August 2, I have not gone. But after being on it for so long my body got used to it & I am having a hard time getting used to my old self. I get sick very often. I have been in sports since I've been on the sports such as volleyball, and softball that has to do with ALOT of conditioning, I knew the depo made you gain weight & said we'll since I'll be exercising often maybe I won't gain weight. I was TOTALLY WRONG. it's unbelievable how much weight I gained while exercising! I suggest you not to get the deposit shot, if your on it and wondering why your gaining so much weight this is why!! If looking to gain weight I suggest this!