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Losing fat is the number one reason people go to gyms. But it's not the number one thing that happens there. By using a simple training plan that emphasizes intensity, you can torch fat and fix your body composition issues - and not a treadmill in sight.

Weight loss programs are really fat loss programs.  

They’re meant for people who are struggling to lose fat – their issues are to do with body composition, not ‘weight’ as such. 

They usually don’t work. 

The reason is partly bad diet design. 

You reach for a faddy diet, like the cabbage soup diet or the grapefruit diet, and don’t stick to it. These diets are designed to be impossible to stick to, so don’t feel bad. The fault is with the design of the eating plan, not with you.

It’s partly bad exercise design. 

Setting out programs based on what they've learned in their weekend courses, fitness professionals at commercial gyms give out cookie-cutter programs based around teaching you how to use the machines in their gyms rather than really caring about your goals.  They tailor their programs to the lowest common denominator. They work – for about six weeks, because everything works for six weeks. Then your progress stalls, often permanently.

In this piece we’ll go over a plan that really does work and that increases your chances of success.

Faddy diets are hard to follow.  They’re often exciting on paper and boring once you have to actually eat them.  

That’s because they’re not designed to be exciting to eat; they’re designed to sell magazines and snag readers’ attention

Whatever they claim to be based on – blood type, star sign, and so on - they’re all based on extreme calorie restriction. You can stick them for maybe six weeks – if you have the iron discipline of a monk – and you’ll lose a few pounds and put them right back on again when the diet ends.

When they’re paired with undemanding, ineffective and dull cardio workouts you have a recipe for a trashed metabolism and a catabolic endocrine environment that will make your fat loss stall, even if you can stick at it. But who has time to train like a pro athlete?

What’s needed is an exercise program that works in a limited amount of time.  An exercise program that, used with a sensible diet, will produce results in as little as 10 minutes a day, 4-6 days a week.  It’s hard for those 10 minutes but then it’s over. It’s going to make you lose fat, hence ‘fat loss’ – and it’s a challenge. 
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