I'm sharing my experience based off of plan b All the questions and concerns up on the table feel free to ask I'm new so I'll still be figuring this site out haha but here's my story. Had unprotected sex April 6 2017 He pulled out but I wasn't 100% sure I mean he always does even when we use a condom because I am not on birth control and I also didn't see any of his cum come out, and I'm well aware you can be pregnant off of precum and that also doesn't mean I would've seen any come out either. Next day I took plan b April 7th around 2pm And then April 13th I started to bleed Which was odd because my period wasn't suppose to start til 20th. So I bled for about two weeks straight 13th-28th ish. Plan b can make you bleed because of what is in the pill. Then my next period shouldve been the 20th of may. Well about the 7th of may I spotted but not enough to be in panties just only when I wiped Didn't know what the heck that was and it went for only 2-3 days. Then I took a pregnancy test when that happened Came back Negative. May 20th comes and I didn't start at all Then a week past by... took another test also negative And then beginning of June comes. Nothing still. Then June 6th finally started. Plan b can skip your period for a month Do not worry I stressed myself out Took tests Everything Just chill haha It ran my period late It can happen Chances are you're fine Also I'm not on birth control at all and yes this was very immature considering I am Not ready for a baby I do know the consequences and I very well could've been pregnant doing this Do not always count on pulling out Any penetration at all you can become pregnant and plan b is not a go to thing for all the time it is not brith control Plan b is not candy you can't take it like it is or like regular birth control It's for serious matters and you should always use a form of protection to save you from these scares. I know and because of this I very well have learned my lesson this time. Thanks for reading Hope this helps a lot of girls I read all this stuff about plan b and that's what had stressed me out even more because everyone's experiences are different and stories are crazy to read sometimes. Just becareful!