Ok, so here is the situation.took Plan B in November - period on time

took Plan B in Decemer - period came right on time

took plan B in January - period came right on time

I know this is a terrible thing to do, and since we have purchased condoms.  Plan B was taken due to unprotected anal, not sex.  We are std free and he didn't come, we were just paranoid.


Fast forward to February, we had anal almost everyday up until my ovulation. (February 9th) and every time we did he pulled out way before he came and he had peed multiple times before the action.

Because of this, I did not take any pills because we had been very safe.  Well, the 20th came and went with no sign of a period.  No cramps, PMS or anything.  At this point we were fighting a lot and I'm sure I was stressed out;however, now I am 7 days late and we just had sex.  He put a condom on before we ever began and I noticed a thick milky white discharge.  Could I be ovulating although I did not have a period?


I know I should take a pregnancy test, and I will in a couple of days.  I am just worried.  However, because we did not have sex, he did not come, and due to the succession of Plan B pills, I feel like my period is just delayed extremely.  


What advice could you all give me?  I apologize for the length, I just don't know what to do.  Obviously getting on birth control is of importance.  Best regards and appreciation