Ok so I’m gonna start from the beginning, my first time was on the 6th of October I wasn’t on birth control, we used a condom and he pulled out and I took plan b because I was worried just in case. I got my period on October 15th (3days late) then I did it again on October 27 (no birth control, he used a condom though and pulled out and it didn’t break) and I didn’t get my period but I read it very common that your second period after plan b can be extremely late but I took a pregnancy test November 12th,14th, and 16th and they’re all negative so I’m not worried about that. So here’s my question I just wanted to give some background Now I started my birth control on November 13th (at 12:30am so technically the 14th but that’s basically 13th) now I took my 7th pill on at 12:30 on time on the 19th (20th but I consider 12:30/ midnight not the next day) and on the 20th I had unprotected sex (he did pee before hand and I leaned in my human sexuality class that clears most sperm out of the precum if he did something earlier even though he didn’t) now he did pull out wayyyy before he finished, he finished about 10 minutes after he pulled out now I got very scared because I took my 7th pill the night before and I didn’t know if that means I was protected or not so I went out the next day and got plan b and took at 12:30 with my birth control (my 8th pill) . I know the massive amount hormones I have in my system is gonna mess up my cycle but can anyone help me on if they think I’m in the clear or not??? I’m having horrible anxiety over this! But was my birth control working by then?