This happens to a lot of us and no one ever gives a full story. So I have decided to post this here for you in case you are going through the same situation.

My last period was on May 16th and lasted till May 20th. I had intercourse on May 21st and the condom came lose, to be safe I took Plan B

On May 29th I had a slight discharge ( some blood this lasted for 2 days) and the same day I had intercourse, unfortunately the condom broke. ( that's my luck ) . I took Plan B to be safe.

Now this is the summary - Took Plan B May 22 and May 30th This is twice before my due period in June.

I had a lot of dizziness, and cramps for a few days. I also felt very nauseous for about a week.

I did not get my period in June, so around June 26th I took a pregnancy test, It was negative. Then came July, and according to my calculations around July 3rd I was supposed to get my period, but didn't so I waited till July 6th and took another pregnancy test. It was negative However at this point I was really concerned so I booked and appointment with my Family doctor. I had a blood test done to triple check if I was pregnant. It came negative. In the end, after 60 days From the start of my period in MAY i finally got my period Mid July.

I hope my story gives you some peace of mind, keep track of when your period is supposed to come and make sure to do a pregnancy test if you are missing your period. Plan B will f@#$ up your cycle. Good luck