Hi, I have been off birht control for 2 years and my husband and I would use the pull out method. The first day of October we decided to start trying to get pregnan. My period was due on the 15th of this month. I toll the test on the 13th because I was feeling sick and it said not pregnant. Took it on the 16th and it said not pregnant. Well, back to the 15th... I had gotten a very very light light period in the morning and then it stopped. Then on the 16th when I tool the test and it said not pregnant, later on the day I got my period but again, lighter than usual and very little of it. Normally when I get my perion, the first day is very heavy and this time I didn't even have to change or nothing ( but I did cause it stained a little). Could I still be pregnan?
Remember I have been off bith control for 2 years and started trying since the 1st of october which was about 2 weeks after my last period.