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Hello, i have been very confused for the past few days and really need some answers.
On Dec 6/2009 which was a sunday;I had unprotected sex. (this being the last day of my birth control - didnt take it on the last day or day before) My period was due to arrive the following wednesday Dec 9/2009. It was late.( Never been late before) throughout week; starting from wednesday to sunday ( 4 days), I've had brown mucus when I wipe. (never happened before).. But the monday morning Dec 14/2009, i woke up to a light period. (never had light period, always heavy and painful) Today is Dec 15/2009, and still have a light period - spotting. I have bloating, lower back pain, vomiting, sickness, overly tired, slight fever, mood swings.
I want to be preganat. I'm scared about the bleeding though. CAN I BE PREGNANT????
( i have not yet taken a test.)
If i take it today, Dec 15/2009, will it be to early?



Usually it takes weeks, even months, for birth control to be totally expelled from your system, but it is different for some women. It isn't 100% effective anyway so there is always the small chance you can become pregnantwhen onbirth control. Also, there have been many cases where a women gets pregnant after missing only one dose, so it is very possible.
But, usually it takes longer for your body to show signs andsymptoms of pregnancy. It may be possible that your body is already in pregnant mode and that's why your period was out of whack. Notsure if the pregnancy horomore will show up on a test yet, the only way to know for sure it to take one and find out.
Can I ask you something, if you want to be pregnant, why are you taking birth control to begin with? Sort of strange.
If you continue taking your birth control pill because you don't realize your pregnant, don't be alarmed. Despite years of this accident happening, there's very little evidence that exposure to the hormones in birth control pills causes birth defects. But, as soon as you find out you are- stop taking the birth control!!!
I would make an appt with an OBGYN and talk to them about what your experiencing, and they can test you and verify if you are or not.
Best of luck.


the reason for being on birth control, was because i was put on them by a doctor to control my bad periods. But since I've been taking them I've been regreting them. So i stopped just so i can try my luck. anyways, i wasnt thinking. XD

So, i took the test and it said negative. maybe it was too early.

But, i have another issue that i need solving.

Ok, so i missed my period on Wed 9/2009, then got a light one on Dec 14. it ended on Dec 15. (two days). I had unprotected sex again that same night it finished.

Now im lost, they say if periods are light and dont last long there could be a possibility it's pregnancy. But being on birth control, and coming up with a negative test- why would it be possible.
Anyways, my questions are:
Can i be pregnant from before, and just took the test too early?
Or can i become pregnant from the second time, if i havnt been already?

this really doesnt make any sense but hopefully you understand. PLEASE HELP!!


Ok, your questions:
"Can i be pregnant from before, and just took the test too early?"
Absolutely. Sometimes it takes even your body a long time to adapt to being pregnant, and sometimes, especially early on in a pregnancy, the horomone isn't strong enough to be picked up on a pregnancy test. You could go to your gynocologist and they could do a blood test. It is possible that your period is light because your body senses it's pregnant, but again the horomone isn't strong enough to be sensed on a pregnancy test YET.

"Or can i become pregnant from the second time, if i havnt been already?"
Yes. Despite what some people believe, you can get pregnant during your menstral cycle. AND Semen can live inside your body for up to seven days - so that gives your body plenty of time to drop a new egg after your period and it has time to get fertilized.

I also want to tell you that, yes, it does only take ONCE to get pregnant, but for some it may take longer. Everyone's body is different and some women are not as fertile as others. Like my mom, she would literally get pregnant if my dad looked at her. But for me and my husband, it took many months of unprotected sex to get pregnant. Don't get discouraged. It will happen when the time is right.

Now, I have a question. Areyou married/with someone long term that wants a baby too? Or are you just on a quest to get pregnant for yourself? That's a huge decision to make, and the male should be involved in the process, or at least aware of your plans.
Best of luck. Keep us posted!


we are engaged, and we both decided that we're ready. he's with me 100%. But we are in no rush. But if it happens he's happy.
thanks for all the help. I'll let you know what's the verdict.