On October 21my bf and i were messing around with no underwear on and he ended up ejaculating near my vagina. I was scared that semen could have gotten inside but i pushed the thought aside. Then on November 2nd my bf and i had unprotected sex twice and he didn't pull out both times. On the 4th i took the morning after pill and started birth control on the 5th. My doctor said to use condoms during sex for the first one or two weeks of being on the pill so it could take effect. I recently had unprotected sex on the 14th and my bf didn't pull out. Since i'm on the pill i let him but now i'm 2 days late on getting my period and get nauseaus sometimes. I think it's the side effects of getting the pill but i wasn't sure and started getting scared so on the 15th, the next day, i took a pregnancy test and it came out negative. Is it too soon to know if i am or not pregnant? Should i wait a couple more weeks to take another test? I really need help i'm confused and scared :/