So my bf and i had sex and because he didnt pull it out in time so we went to the store and bought plan b, that was october 6th and on october 10th through the 15th i had a normal period that only lasted for 5 days, when i thought it was weird, because my period usually last 7 days. I did a home pregnancy test after like 15 days since my bf and i had sex and it came out to be negative (not pregnant). But for a few more days october 26th- Nov 8th i had this extremely long period that lasted for 14 days it was light light light brown to about 5 days and then it gotten heavier but not as heavy as i expected to last 14 days in total. Since then I havent had sex until nov 9th. Now that it's Nov 16th, i see brown stains on my underwear again. Can someone give me any advice is to why i'm having this irregular period/bleeding?