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Hi All,

My 21 yr old sis is suffering from GBS..she was admitted to hospital is Jan 07 and its already 3 months now.. she had shown progress in between and was transferred to Rehab centre but its got relapsed.. She has got high fever & continous watery bowels..her body is swollen & she has pull down drasticalyy.. Doctors have injected IV through neck.. the whole thing is just crazy....can anybody help in terms of treatment or care...and share their views.. and has it happend to anybody like this..


Hi is your sis still suffering from GBS? well my niece who suffered recently from GBS syndrome and went through hell! she was almost paralyzed. I recommended a fractal tool (using the amized fusion technology a scientific breakthrough) to treat my niece. I made her to normal state within 3 weeks! Even the physiotherapists were amazed. If your really need help pls email to me at _[removed]_

thank you.