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Lisfranc Foot Fracture is more common than you would have thought. Share your experience with others with the same problem.

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Hi. I suffered a lisfranc fracture-dislocation recently. (Hopping over a wall, fell awkwardly) I am wondering what the true recovery times are. I had an operation 3 days ago to put 3 screws in and I have a cast on for 6 weeks. I am told that after this I will be gradually weight bearing. I ws wondering is gradual weight bearing done with one or two crutches?? how long (on average) will it be before I am able to walk unaided??
I thank you for your time and wish fellow lisfranc victims the bast of luck.


Hi Billy,

I am not sure exactly what the healing time is and when you are able to weight bear. I am 1 month and 2 weeks past surgery. On the 29th I get my 3rd cast OFF !!! I get some XRAYS done to see how things are. I am not sure if you read my other posts. I was in surgery a total of 6 hours .. I had 11 screws, a plate and bone grafting and a knee specialist put an incision to strectch out my tendon so that I would not encounter possible problems with it being too tight. I am happy that the surgery is finally over and that I am on the road. My ortho surgeon said that he was going to gradually have me fuly weight bearing. I have to get into a cam boot I think, then I need to be in that several weeks than go to a walking boot. Anyway, hopefully your recovery will be quick. Your doctor will be able to give you a better idea as soon as you get xrays or cat.

Good luck,



hello lisfranc club--

i recently fractured and sprained my lisfranc joint (may 12, 2007), and was told by my orthopedic surgeon that i have a subtle lisfranc injury but could get away without having surgery since my alignment non-weightbearing was so good, but he told me i have to be casted and not putting any weight on for 3 months. I went to get a second opinion from another surgeon who said i should gradually start walking on it 6 weeks after injury.

does anyone have any ideas about who's right, and if it would be ok to start weight bearing early, or should i definitely wait?

a little confused...


My injury was 10/7/06, had surgery 10/16, was non-weight bearing until I got the screws out 1/31/07, then a few more days of crutches and a knee-scooter (highly recommended). I was told a week before the screws came out that I could start to put a little pressure on my foot, but not full weight. After the screws (3) came out, I was able to "progressively" weight bear, which to me progressed quickly to full weightbearing the last time I dropped a crutch trying to put clothes from the washer to the dryer. Within a week of the screw removal, I was back to work full time, as a nurse in a very busy ER. To this day, I still have discomfort, but a couple of Motrin every few days and I'm good to go. One piece of advice...make sure you wear good supportive shoes when walking again. There are certain movements my foot doesn't like, and walking through grass - on uneven surfaces - doesn't feel great. But you get used to things and adapt and strengthen as you go. Just keep your head up!


hey i wuz in the same position and i wasn't listening to the doc like a dummy and i started walking on it a little in my ortho boot...i ended up having 2 screws put in cuz i walked on it...i would go with whoever said wait the longest...then again, i've heard that surgery is more successful if done sooner than welcome to the wonderful world of not knowing :) but for me, screws's painful and i'm scared, i'd of much rather stayed off the dang thing and avoided surgery. just my experience...i'm still not weight bearing..injured on march 30th.



Hi Fellow Lisfrancers:

I injured my foot on Easter weekend. Went to emergency room they thought it was a sprain and just put me in a walking boot. A couple days later the Podiatrist thought it was a Lisfranc and a week later confirmed it with a CT Scan. I had surgery about 3 weeks post injury and the Dr. put in 2 screws.

I was in a non-weightbearing cast for 3 weeks.

Then I was placed in a Weightbearing cast for another 3 weeks.

And most recently I was placed in another weightbearing cast. And the Dr. took the screws out because one of them came loose. So he took both out.

After another 3 weeks, he will take the cast off completley and I wont have to wear a cast anymore.

I will be able to resume full physical activity like running and basketball as soon as October 30th.

I'm over 300 lbs so my Dr. said that this was the conservative route because I might have developed arthritis later in life (10 years post injury) if I didn't have the gap in the joint closed.

I suppose if I was lighter he would of just had me in a Camwalker (Boot)

Well just wanted to share my experience with my fellow lisfrancers out there past present and future, since I know when I first injured my foot there was so many different perspectives out there I thought I would be crippled for life with my injury. but now 12 weeks post injury I feel great about the prospects of resuming full activities.


I would strongly suggest that you follow your first doctor's instructions. The second one sounds like the doctor I had when I first sustained my injury almost a year ago. He never told me to stay off of it! My present doctor told me up front that surgery would probably be necessary, and by the time I had it two weeks ago, the separation in my foot had increased and become more painful. You may or may not require surgery IF you receive proper treatment now. I wonder how I would be today if I'd gone to my present doctor at the beginning! %-)


hey go chargers...sux sorry boutchur sound like me tho a differenct cast everyweek.

wondered when did you start actually putting weight on yer foot?? imean how many weeks post surgery and how did you get a screw loose ? hahaha i got one loose too...but doc didn't take it out.




I am almost two weeks post surgery (2 screws) for my lisfranc fracture. I have already noticed that I'm losing muscle in my calf on the injured leg. Does anyone have any recommendations or exercises I can do without using my foot. I am not allowed to put any weight on my foot for another six weeks and then they will take the screws back out so I still have quite a bit of time to go and would like to not loose all that muscle.

Also, my foot looks like one of an 80 year old since it was swollen for so long the skin stretched out and now very wrinkly. Will the skin tighten back up? Being 24 I would like my foot to be somewhat normal when it's healed.




You should prob. check with your Dr. first, but you might be able to do some ankle stretches, like try to write a letter with your toe? I would say if you have alot of pain , don't do it. Are you planning on doing some physical therapy?

I'm about 15 months post surg- just within the last few days I have noticed an increase in pain while walking. It reminds me of when I fractured it. It hurt all day a few days ago. I took some Naproxen, an anti inflamatory twice that day & by the next morning it seemed to be better. So, here I am 3 days later & it's hurting again. Pain while I walk. If I walk on the side it's less, more pain when I put my foot flat. So, has anyone had this happend? I can't think of anything that I have done to cause this. If it keeps up, I guess I'll be going back to the Dr. :'( I saw him on July 7th & the X-ray did not show anything new.

Anyone ideas on what is going on? I had the screws removed Dec 06, is it possible that this injury has returned? Or would arthritus start this way?




I wouldn't say I'm an "old timer" (I'm just barely six months post-surgery), but I wouldn't think the injury would return if you haven't done anything physically strenuous to your foot. I know I have days where my foot feels nearly normal ("nearly" is the important word there!) and other days where it hurts for no reason other than it's a bad injury to recover from. I know when I was at the beach last month, the humidity and changes in the weather there had me crazy with it hurting. My doctor said that my foot will act like a barometer for weather, like a lot of healed broken bones, so maybe that could be a reason for some of your discomfort. If the pain continues, I would definitely talk to my doctor, though, rather than second guess it. Good luck!

I have a question for anyone who has had screws: have you had them removed and if so, when? How was your recovery? And if you haven't had them removed yet, may I ask why and how you're doing with them still there? I'm going through the great "should I get the screws removed" debate right now and need some advice. My doctor said he would remove them if I want now (as it's been six months) or I can leave them there if I choose. So it's really up to me at this point.

Also, how many of you wear orthotics? And if you do, does it really help you? Thanks in advance!


Well, hello again everyone. I was pretty excited last week when they finally took off my cast. He said all of my 11 screws and the plate are doing well, but for some reason, the incision where my plate and bone graft are started to reopen and got a little infected. So he gave me some major antibiotics and told me to return in 3 days. I returned in 3 days which was thursday, and it was healing great. He put the cast back on again though. Bummer. I guess I get a little bummed out because this injury happened in march. I know I have to be patient but sometimes I feel like crying. I am not allowed to do very much of anything.
I was really hoping to go to Six Flags Magic Mountain this summer, but I dont forsee that happening. I guess I must have broken my foot major, but the good news is that I will start to bear 20 percent of my total weight next thursday. Then the following week, I will bear 40 percent and so on until I reach my full weight bearing status. I am excited.
I read a post where someone was telling me that they started losing muscle tone or something, and I definetely know that I have. He didnt mention anything about doing any exercises though .... maybe because I had a gastroc reduction done to my tendon as well during the 6 hour surgery. Things will get better. Blessings to everyone.


Glad to hear of your progress! It sounds like you are doing quite well if you'll get to start weightbearing. I got my stitches out a week and a half ago, but last weekend developed a horrible rash on my foot which has spread around the incision. I am hoping and praying that it is not serious and it isn't an infection. My doctor didn't seem too worried when I talked to him early in the week. I seriously suspect my boot of being the culprit since several months ago I developed a similar rash while wearing the boot. I've been going barefoot most of the week.

Do you like to do handwork? I just got a quilt kit in the mail today and have already started it. Reading is great, but one can do just so much at one time. Writing thank you notes takes up some time, but not 16 hrs. a day. I wonder if others are finding creative things to do while limited by non-weightbearing?


Are you in a cast or boot? I am four weeks post surgery and earlier this week my dr. suggested using my foot to write the alphabet in the air to strengthen my ankle. It is also working on my leg and thigh muscles. At first, my letters were very awkward, but now they are more fluid. Mind you, I can't see them but as a teacher, can visualize how bad they would look if I could ;-)